This GENUINE SASKATCHEWAN BISON HORN VUVUZELA retains the natural grain of the horn. It is sealed with a professional, all weather grade, oil-based, high gloss finish.  It measures approximately 12.5 inches, outer curve. This Vuvuzela is capable of producing a wide variety of musical notes.  Pitch of sound file:  "C#"

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PRICE:  $ 499



We craft Saskatchewan Grown Bison Horns into noise-producing trumpets - like a VUVUZELA, but WITH CLASS - SASKATCHEWAN STYLE!

Our newest batch of 141 raw horns has JUST arrived.  Pictures of our BISON HORN VUVUZELAS will be posted here as soon as they are ready for purchase!

"Normal" Vuvuzelas - the kind that the rest of the world uses - are roughly 60 cm long and are made out of plastic.  They typically sound a single pitch - a B-flat below "Middle C" ... but OUR BISON HORN VUVUZELAS are much smaller and easier to carry AND they are not made out of plastic, they are 100% Bison Horn!!  And each horn is coated with a professional grade oil-based sealant that is weather-proof, stain-proof and has a high-gloss finish!

Each of our Bison Horn Vuvuzelas is unique in shape, size, tone and pitch - and with practice each of our Bison Horn Vuvuzelas is capable of producing a variety of musical notes AND their shape and design also makes them capable of producing much louder sounds!  GREAT FOR CHEERING ON YOUR TEAM!!!

Each one of our vuvuzelas was harvested right here in Saskatchewan from Genuine Saskatchewan Bison

Next time you go to a sporting event, be sure to take along one of our Genuine Saskatchewan Bison Horn Vuvuzelas and use it to cheer your team on to victory!

REMEMBER:  Every Bison Horn Vuvuzela you purchase helps support Saskatchewan! And is crafted by a Canadian Entrepreneur with a Disability!