Operationally, the "TRUTH"s about the Shofar that you shared are valuable, because - perhaps because of their beauty - they strengthen our relationship with God.  Thank you so much for your thoughts - and of course, for the Shofar, which has become quite a conversation piece - and a thought-arousing object.  I will look at your insights again before Rosh HaShanah, perhaps to bring before the congregation - and I certainly will let them know the origin of the thoughts.
God Bless You - all of your family!"
(Orthodox Jewish Rabbi in Israel)


Beautifully crafted by Dr James Regehr in the prairie province - where the buffalo roam - of Saskatchewan: a buffalo-horn shofar! Designed and made for non-Jews, though with a lovely inscription in proto-Hebrew lettering - the alphabet that Moses used to write the Torah. Jews canʼt use ox or buffalo horn in a shofar to fulfill the ritual mitzvah of shofar, of blowing the shofar to mark and celebrate the New Year due to our unfortunate experiment with a certain golden calf ... you see… the horns of bison are too much like the horns of oxen. It was, after all,  the making and worshiping of a young ox that got us into so much trouble ... but we, and Noahides, can blow it - just to blow a shofar made from bison!

This one makes a nice deep sound. It sounds kind of like a fog-horn, but richer and, we would say, better.

Dr. Regehr's guide to shofar-blowing, is, like the shofar, very rich. It's a very spiritual document and it taught us, moved us, and impressed us.

For your information, we’ve been practicing blowing this shofar. We definitely are getting better. The people and animals that used to flee from its playing have stopped fleeing so quickly.

Wishing you a shabbat shalom! Health and wealth and happiness for you and all of yours!


(Conservative Jewish Rabbi in the U.S.)


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